I know, I know.. it’s been 6months since I’ve updated this blasted thing. I guess I’ll admit, I have a tendency to procrastinate quite a bit. My new years resolution (hardeeharhar, it’s 2012 folks!) is to keep this blog up to date with any spectacular restaurants, cafes, bistros, izakayas and general food places. So remember to stay tuned for jessicraving updates if you need some ideas of places to satisfy those tastebuds!

Now after work, I popped by a Chinese dessert tofu place called Excellent Tofu & Snack. Located at 160-4231 Hazelbridge Way. You can’t really miss it because it literally says in a bright sign “Excellent Tofu & Snack.” Here are my thoughts:

FOOD 10/10

The desserts were deeeeelicious. Dessert tofu pudding is supposed to be plain and soft but at the same time smooth. It kind of melts in your mouth when you put a heavenly spoonful in. For those of you who haven’t tried Chinese dessert tofu it’s like eating a plain soft jello/pudding with the opportunity to customize your own flavours. What’s really great about this tofu is that the owners make it from scratch and actually order their own soybeans, and then process the tofu pudding day by day; not made in mass from a factory! Tofu does tend to expire fast, so it’s nice to know that what you’re eating is fresh. Each table is provided with a bottle of sweet ginger syrup, white sugar syrup or brown sugar to add into the dessert tofu; kinda like having the option of adding milk, cream, and sugar to your coffee! I personally like adding the ginger syrup because it gives it a strong and sweet flavour.

Excellent Tofu & Snack also has multiple variations of their tofu; you can add in your favourite toppings such taro, red bean, sweet rice etc…the possibilities are endless! One of the bowls I tried had the sweet rice, which gave my bowl of tofu more texture and flavour. My friend’s bowl was with red bean and tapioca pearls which also made their bowl sweeter and enhanced the texture of the tofu.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of ordering a small snack as well so i went ahead and ordered their fried vegetarian turnip cake. The owner of this plan makes this batter from scratch and each dish is made to order; super hot and fresh again! The flavours were delightful and the crispy fried layer of the cake were quite satisfying to bite into. I also appreciated how this turnip cake wasn’t made too salty like a lot of Chinese restaurants make them.

SERVICE 8.5/10

This dessert shop isn’t quite like most dessert shops you’d find. It’s got quite a Hong Kong feel to it; perhaps because the owners are from Hong Kong. The staff are actually the owners of the desert shop; they’re quick to get your order and the way the place is set up is also quite interesting; you walk in and see a long counter- like a bar. There are options to sit at small tables as well. If you order at the bar, you’re literally facing all the kitchen/cooking/food/ingredients; this shop hides nothing!

Tofu comes quite promptly and the snacks are also made quickly.

VALUE 8.5/10

The food their isn’t overpriced. This is a legit Chinese dessert tofu shop owned and run by people who’ve been in the business for well over a decade. The bowl of tofu is around $4 and the turnip cakes are around $3.50. I even bought a big 2 litre tub of tofu with a bottle of ginger syrup for $10.


The ambiance of this place is very home-like and kistchy in a good way. What you see is what you get and they don’t try to add unnecessary decorations or fancy menus; the value comes in the food and prompt service. I like how it’s got a very simplistic/home-feel. It could be a little better if the chairs/furnishings were newer but I don’t really have qualms with this.

Overall I’d definitely recommend this place for a nice light dessert. I hope you guys will give this place a try!

Omnomnom…..jessicravings out!

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